Twenty-Eighth Design Studio

Thoughtful, creative, trusted and intentional.

Twenty-Eighth Design Studio is a full service boutique interior design firm that specializes in high-end residential design.

Based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and as a firm on the rise, our clients are unique individuals that inspire us and the world. Accordingly, our designs are a reflection of our clientele; invoking creativity, thought and feeling. Our services include: private residential design, villa and vacation rental design and styling. At Twenty-Eighth, our goal is to provide a full-scale professional design experience to help your dream space a reality.

Twenty-Eighth Design Studio delivers magazine-worthy designs in the residential and multi-family spaces, leaning on inspiration from the outdoors, fashion, art, and other cultural influences.
Spearheaded by a small team of ambitious creatives, our collective objective is to help clients feel more confident in their spaces – creating luxurious and functional interiors to suit the client’s lifestyle for years to come.

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