Design with Veronica Sanders, LLC

Design with Veronica Sanders is an award-winning and nationally published black-owned, woman-led interior design firm based in Dallas, TX crafting bespoke interiors all over the US. We believe mindful design allows for the curation of environments full of character and integrity with every detail working together in harmony and balance.

Our contradictions set the foundation for our designs. We provide a timeless and authentic vernacular, not focusing on any definitive style or era; embracing yin-yang approaches with sleek features met by stately patterns, blended raw materials, edgy accents, modern & vintage, high/low working together to elevate each space, defining your version luxury.

​We create custom Interiors for busy professionals who want to unwind in their dream homes. Mid-high income clients seeking new builds, renovations, furnishings, styling & the in-betweens.

Work Examples